The history of
the father

Mena is a family business, a history of dedication, perseverance and love for the service we offer.

It all started with father Francisco Mena Margalef (1937-2023) who devoted his entire professional life to the funeral sector. When he was very young, he entered as an accountant in a factory of funerary articles in Móra d’Ebre. As the years went by, he forged relationships with the people who made up the heart of the funerary sector: the carpenters of the towns. Thus, he became a seller of coffins and funeral items nationwide.

The next step on his journey took him to Capçanes, where he decided to take a leap and set up his own coffin factory. For almost four decades, this factory was the epicenter of his life.

However, as in all the stories, there came a turning point. The entry of more mechanized and competitively priced foreign funerary products challenged the path that Francisco had outlined. But instead of giving in, he knew it was time to evolve. This led the company to the field of funeral services, serving the nearby communities.

Taking into account the needs of the medium and small populations of the territory, the company focused on vigil rooms, central and accessible, which have become a place of support in difficult times, embodying its commitment to the community.

The company that Francisco built is a reflection of his spirit: independent, rooted and deeply committed. In a world where large corporations and multinational groups dominate the market, he chose a different path. He kept his company small and connected to the land that saw it grow, avoiding the trap of little personality and disconnection.

For 15 years, his daughter and a team of collaborators have been following his legacy with humility and pride. We continue to serve our communities, honouring the tradition and dedication that father left us.

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